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King & Partners / Sellect

Technology Director

Janary 2014 - Present

Lead and manage a team of 10 developers, 3 dev-ops engineers, and 2 technical product managers
Manage remote teams and freelancers
Create project development strategies
Manage development of product roadmap for Sellect
Act as key decision-maker on determining technologies to be used
Manage application deploys and software releases
Lead daily tech stand ups
Constantly evaluate and refine workflow from from design, development, QA, to deploy for maximum efficiency
Review direct-report code / pull requests
Write code
Manage and perform dev-ops
Implement and improve internal tooling
Create applications built to scale
Mentor the development team
Craft technical documentation
Attend client meetings and phone calls
Accurately estimate and communicate timelines

Tech Lead

August 2013 - Janary 2014

Held role of Lead Engineer on all build projects
Oversaw team of 10 including remote teams
Managed and implemented third party integrations
Wrote Ruby gems to streamline repetitive tasks across projects
Worked with Ruby, HTML, JS, and CSS daily
Improved designer / developer interaction and mentored designers to learn web technologies
Implemented use of fonts for site icons
Mentored junior developers

Web Developer

January 2012 - August 2013

Worked on fashion and luxury brand eCommerce and brand websites and applications
Acted as sole developer on several projects
Setup load balanced, distributed server environments using Rackspace and AWS
Implemented app monitoring and alerting
Wrote JS libraries for reusable elements
Worked primarily with Ruby on Rails and Wordpress
Periodically worked with Magento and Drupal
Collaborated with design team to elevate user experience


Web Developer

January 2009 - January 2012

Built, maintained, and hosted websites for film production companies, agencies, and individuals
Managed client relationships


New York University

B.F.A. Film & TV Production


Computer Applications Minor



HTML(5), CSS(3)
Ruby, PHP, Javascript
Ruby on Rails, Backbone, Wordpress, Express
Rspec, cucumber, capybara
Node.js, Jquery
CoffeeScript, HAML, SASS, SCSS
MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Compass
Ansible, Jenkins, AWS, git, svn, Unix


I've dedicated my career to building innovative digital products. I enjoy a challenge and leading a team to exceed expectations for our clients. I appreciate readable, well factored and tested code. While I enjoy the benefits and challenges of managing a team, I still love to code. I firmly believe a strong tech leader has to stay sharp, so I write code daily, keep up to date with new technologies and am constantly looking for ways to improve process, quality, efficiency and myself.


Open Source

Delayed Cron

I wrote Delayed Cron as an effective way to add cron jobs to ruby apps that is a more visible way than traditional crontabs. Since Delayed Cron creates jobs in background processors, such as Sidekiq, you can use the existing GUIs to see when jobs are scheduled, trigger jobs, and monitor jobs.

Unique Identifier

Unique Identifier provides a simple interface to Active Record models for generating unique identifier fields that are easily customizable.

Seko Logistics Ruby API

I was tasked with integrating Seko Logistics API with Sellect. This gem provides a Ruby interface with Seko's Supply Stream API.

Going Postal

At Sellect we use the Going Postal gem for validating zipcodes internationally. We encountered an issue when certain countries that did not require a zipcode were being invalidated. I created a pull request to add an interface for additional countries to be excluded from validation.


Film, food, travel, outdoors, baseball, music